Armed with little more than our (t)rusty Caravelle called Fritz and an armada of various sized wings we wage a viking style war on the unsuspecting flying sights of Europe to escape the northern cold



Chef, 29

“I started paragliding in 2015, took a speedriding course the spring of 2016 and passed my pp3 in september. Flying has been a frontal collision with my fear of heights, something that has set the bar for when I fly, how I fly and why. Some days I feel brave and playful, other days it´s a mental war to reason myself into rationality. I try hard not to compete with anybody than myself to not scare myself out of the sport, because I dont believe there is anything out there to replace it.”

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Guide, 29

“My passion within flight has shifted focus several times over the years. Starting with and addiction for speed in the form of speedflying which I learned shortly after learning to paraglide. It then shifted in the direction of acrobatic paragliding and l began to learn the basic acrobatic manoeuvres. Now my motivation is pushing towards distance flying and vol biv style flying. Cross country paragliding is taking off from a mountain and using warm air called thermals and wind to travel as far as possible in 1 flight. I liken it to sailing in the sky. Vol biv is the same but includes taking basic camping equipment with you and camping the nights on mountain tops so that extended multi day flights can be made. I currently feel that this form of flying gives me freedom to follow the contours of the land, surf the rivers of wind and climb the towering thermals up to the clouds. The feeling of corkscrewing upwards so fast that your stomach is left behind, you see the cloud above reaching beckoning to you as it draws you up towards and the whole world laid out in front of you. The experience is simply put, indescribable (even though I just tried). “