Out in the big world

After a few days of R&R at my parents house we finally set off. screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-17-19-42

Couch selfie with Adela

We cut through southern Sweden, on a ferry to Poland and into Czech where we spent the night at lovely Adelas. After a night on the ferry floor we were
very grateful for the company, the fireplace and laughters. Thank you Adelco!
The day after we made our way to Vienna, Austria. Paul and Sibi took us in and gave us more than we deserved – food, opera, exercise, beer, wine and buckets and buckets of coffee.
We picked up Gideon, Tzaks baby brother, to give him a break from the hostel dorms and to add some entertainment to our trip.

Gids luxourious troll-bed.

Just as we were to roll out of town, Sibi took a bunch of photos of our precious Fritz. We haven’t seen them yet but we have high expectations (yes we are publicly pressuring you Sibi :)but just because we are excited about it!), just check out her work here! Thank you Paul and Sibi! We hope you can join us later on!

As we approached the big hills of the alps we sourced out a spot to fly at, Stoderzinken. Awesome hike, but a complete whiteout. It was here, at the top of an Austrian mountain i realized the extent of Tzaks optimism.
With a glider full of hail and just a couple of meters visibility he was hopefull that the semiclear sky that we hiked up to was coming back.


Top of Stoderzinken

Unfortunately it didn´t and we had to pack up and hike down. Still, awesome hike.






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