We decided that the best view of us is through each others eyes. So here ya go, honest, straight and heartfelt:

The free and fearless spirit of Tzak that I am so lucky to have by my side is a constant reminder of that time isn’t a real thing, worries are for tomorrowland and matching socks is just unlogical. With his big heart on his sleave it is clear when flying is too far inbetween (read mopy and thinking there is nothing fun in the world) and equally as joyful when thermals and adventures are beng had.
He walk through life with on a baseline of excitement and makes me think that anything is possible, you just need to try and believe
You might think that things comes easy for him but don’t worry, he struggles too.

OK sometimes it’s me,
I’m his struggle.

He stuggles before morning coffee is had, when he has left the dishes for too long and when his talent isn’t enough he tries and tries again. When there is failure all he has is to try to imagine the next possible chance to try again.

This trip is the essence of what makes us both happy; Flying, travelling and meeting new people.
As a chef I’m ready to bring the challange of camping cooking on, to conquer my fear of hights in my trusted Mistral 6 and to try to share 3mof living space with incurable opimist.

– Suss


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