Hello WORLD!

Suss is wonderfully stubborn and determined young Swedish lady! When she sets her mind to something there isn’t a titanium reinforced force field of bazooka wielding imps that could stop her from achieving what she wants to do. That being said she is also great company and a bucket of laughs on the road and up in the air. She loves dogs, cooking, paragliding and hopefully me. She is badass on a pair of skis, cooks some of the most delicious foods and baked goods I’ve ever eaten and has worked herself to the bone so that we could make this trip happen. On the other hand she really doesn’t like being told what to do, doesn’t function properly before her first cup of coffee and scolds me if i even think about farting within earshot…….que 3 months or close living together in a self converted van on a trip through Europe 🙂 If we survive this we’ll probably have to get married….. or a dog….or something.

My hopes and aspirations for this trip is to explore the alps and best flying locations of Europe as thoroughly as possible from the air on our paragliders. I’m especially excited about the Dolomites. We don’t have time on our side as winter is fast approaching and with it comes miserable weather and darkness. We will make a tactical retreat as the cold pushes us further and further south until we reach our homebase of Algodonales in Southern Spain. From there we will (hopefully) fly until winter has properly arrived…….then we don’t know! Return to Norway for a ski winter? Travel to South Africa or Columbia to continue flying? Try and find a place to live in the Alps?

Only time (and money) will tell!

– Tzak

Suss chilling with our good doggy friend Ronja before flying in Aurland, Norway

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